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Cross Campaign

Cross Campaign

Cross Campaign is MaxxRTB's most powerful feature, you don't need to create duplicate campaign's for mobile, display or video. with MaxxRTB cross campaign capability you can create single campaign for mobile, video and display advertisement for in all cross devices. Based on targeting and added campaign creatives MaxxRTB technology will find out and display your ads in targeted device.

You don't need to spend lot of time, money, effort and resources to create and manage duplicate campaigns, adding targeting selection and optimizing duplicate campaigns or adding duplicate creatives for display, mobile and video separately.

All Ad Formats

MaxxRTB Platform supports all IAB standard ad formats for Mobile, Video and Display.

Display Ad formats - Image, HTML, Text, Flash, Inline Video, Overlay video.

Mobile Ad formats - Basic ( Image & Text), MRAID ( Expand Reveal ), Interstitial, IAB Rising Star, Full Page, Adhesion, Pull Creative, Slider Creative, Filmstrip creative, Inline video, Overlay video.

Video Ad formats - Such as VAST compliance ad formats. It supports in-stream (pre roll, mid roll, post roll, overlay & companion ads), in-banner and in-text video ad formats.

More details on All Ad formats
All Ad Formats
Targeting & Retargeting

Targeting | Retargeting

MaxxRTB Platform has powerful granular level targeting features which will helps you follow your audiance and target your next customer precisely with various factors like location, behavior, interests.

Group Targeting, Geographic Targeting, Contextual Targeting\URL targeting, Web Targeting, Mobile Targeting, Profile Targeting, Time Targeting, Language Targeting and Frequency Capping.

Re-targeting - You can track the visitor site in real time by behavior, location, interest and serve ad accordingly. helps to record the behavior of a visitor and further breaks down the targeting to deliver ads that are of that user's interests which in turn gives great chances of turning user engagement into a sale transaction, helping advertisers' achieve their goal.


MaxxRTB Programmatic Ad Exchange Platform is on OpenRTB 2.3 version. MaxxRTB platform offers Real Time Bidding for mobile, video and display campaign. We are constantly reaching new RTB ad exchange partners to connect with MaxxRTB Platform to strengthen our reach in RTB and ad exchange.

We are planning to upgrade to OpenRTB 2.4 and simultaneously bring Native Ads in coming period.

Ad Exchange

Ad Exchange

MaxxRTB Platform is capable of connecting to other DSP and SSP for Ad exchange in OpenRTB and in private. We are constantly reaching new RTB ad exchange partners to connect with MaxxRTB Platform to strengthen our reach in RTB and ad exchange.

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